Key-Note - The customer experience challenge (Wijnegem)

26 maart 2019 (Wijnegem)

26 maart 2019 (Wijnegem)
Technology gives customers power to impose the rules in purchasing goods and services. Leading companies understand that how they deliver is as important as what they deliver. That's why customer experience (CX) is becoming a big focus of corporate strategies. Companies dream of engaging with their customers and building long-term relationships, based on commitment, trust, loyalty and consistency. Sounds like the story of a happy marriage, right?

On March 26, two keynote speakers will talk about CX in the 21st century, and how to address challenges like channel conflicts, siloed data, inaccurate pricing & product information, disjointed channel experience and cultural changes. Companies like BEKAERT and ADB SAFEGATE will bear witness about their journey towards a personalised multi-channel CX.

You will discover the rewards of a holistic approach and find out how today's SAP technologies support companies to deliver complete, end-to-end customer experiences.

In samenwerking met

ADB Safegate (Anne de Vleeschauwer & Hakan Forsberg)

Bekaert (Filip Verhoeve)

Pitopia (Els Dhaeze)


X Value Stream (Marc Van Hoeck & Philip Van Gasse)

Programma & inschrijven

13u00: Welcome sandwich

13u50: Setting the CX Scene

14u00: The customer-Oriented organisation (Key-note: Els Dhaeze, Pitopia)

14u30: The channel conflict: divorcing from the middlemen, or a second marriage?

15u00: How to fan the flames in a long-term marriage: ADB Safegate's sales transformation enabled by digital platforms

16u00: Deepening relationships: Bekaerts digital approach in commercial

16u30: Mystery guest

17u00: Wrap-up

17u15: Networking

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